Marta Tejero


Marta Tejero Fernández, Archidona (Málaga), born in 2004, is currently studying the first year of the Degree in Music Performance (Piano) at the University “Alfonso X el Sabio” in Madrid, with professors Leo de María and Leonel Morales Alonso.

She has received Masterclasses from different teachers, such as Natalia Trull, Albert Attenelle, Oscar Martín, Michal Bialk, Piotr Machnik, Antonio Sánchez Lucena, Gisele Witkowski, Antonio Ortiz, Yuri Bogdanov, Paula Coronas, Fabio Witkowski, Vicenzo Balzani, Oxana Yablonskaya, Misha Dacic, Pavel Gililov, Michel Bourdoncle, Jingge Yan, Frank Fernández, etc.

To continue her training she is counting on the support of Fundación Málaga, as this is the second year that she has been awarded a Talent Scholarship. This training has given her the opportunity to play in numerous venues in Malaga, Badajoz, Cordoba, Granada, Madrid, La Rioja, Seville, Salzburg and at Carnegie Hall in New York.

She has won several national and international prizes in numerous competitions, including the National Piano Competition “Ciudad de Don Benito” (Badajoz), International Piano Competition “Ciudad de Sevilla”, International Piano Competition “María Herrero”, International Piano Competition La Rioja, National Piano Competition “Ciutat de Carlet”, International Piano Competition Santa Cecilia (Oporto), International Piano Competition Composers of Spain (Spanish Music) and Young Performers Competition “Málaga Crea 2022”.

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