Piano Competitions

22º International Piano Competition
Spanish Composers

As is known, each year we dedicate the contest to a Spanish Composer, bearing his name in the different editions. In the next edition we will pay tribute to the composer Pascual Gimeno, and as usual, this gives us the opportunity to listen and learn about his integral for piano.


12º International Piano Competition
María Herrero

The María Herrero Piano Competition has the objective of motivating study, effort and tenacity as well as promoting children and younger players. Pianists of all nationalities will participate, sharing knowledge and experiences in the wonderful city of Granada.



Leonel Morales & Friends – International Music Festival and Masterclass, has the objective of motivating the study, effort and tenacity of instrumentalists of all levels, giving them access to a great teaching staff, as well as promoting children and younger interpreters during the Festival.

It is a great satisfaction, after so many years, to confirm the resounding success of this course, which is attended by very young pianists of different nationalities in order to exchange knowledge. It is a unique course, its creation having been very necessary to help our “future musicians” from an early age. Our children gain experience, they live in community, sharing studio pianos with professional students and laureates from all over the world of the Leonel Morales & Friends Masterclass which is held in parallel.
For them, there is no better example to follow!
They admire “the older pianists”, feeling highly motivated in their daily study.