Welcome to Concerts María Herrero

Welcome to Concerts María Herrero2018-08-27T15:21:32+00:00

Maria Herrero

Maria Herrero

Concerts Manager MH, wishes to present through this web, page some of the events it organizes:

Three different International Piano Competitions held in different times of the year.

Two courses of master classes and piano festivals held in annually in July at Granada

As you can see, we've kept a very special place for the youngest pianists in most of our activities.

- From Concerts Manager MH we represent different artists within the field of classical music. From our prize winners to artists with worldwide recognition.

We also want to thank those that make possible this event:

National and International Organisms, Town Councils, Sponsors, Jury, Teachers, Students, Contestants...to all of you, we want to express our most sincere thanks and appreciation.

Thanks for visiting our web page.

María Herrero.