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Following the request of many of you, we have contracted a highly professional recording team, with a total of 5 cameras: 3 cameras Blackmagic ultra Hd 4K (are the cameras used in high quality cinema), 1 camera 360º 4k (it allows perfect 360º navigation) and a gopro camera for the pianist’s hands (small camera that gives detail of the hands). Off course, the quality audio will be excellent.

Only the recordings of the performances of the participants who have requested for the Masterclass it will be made.
As you know, this type of recordings are the ones requested, in an essential way, in some international competitions. They will also be useful as a presentation to an audience, manager, social networks, presentations, etc. Whatever the utility, it will always be a fond memory for all.
We believe that by participating in our events, in addition to deserving the best treatment, our goal is to try to achieve your maximum promotion and advice so wished by any artist. For all this, in addition to your impression of your performances, these will be recorded for your promotional purposes.
If your wish its contract this opportunity, please contact with the organization in: ” CONTACT
NOTICE !: If any participant or family wants to make recordings, the organization has no problem, it has always allowed it. Anyway, we please to you to ask for it, to see the possibility of placing your camera without disturbing the professional recording, taking into account that the recording professional’s criteria will be respected.
Best regards
María Herrero
General Director