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She has played the piano since she had 6 years old when she started in a school music in Archidona and since she had 9, studies in the music Conservatory of Antequera with the piano teacher Mª Teresa Moreno Rueda. Now she is in 4 level of Profesional Education and she takes lessons with the teacher Leo de María with the supervision of the teacher Leonel Morales Alonso.

She has taken Masterclass with teachers like Antonio Sanchez Lucena, Gisele Witkowski, Yuri Bogdanov, Fabio Witkowski, Vicenzo Balzani, Leonel Morales.

She has participated in some piano competitions and she has won the second price in the Piano Competition Santa Cecilia in Segovia (2018), second price and price of the best interpretation of Spain Music in the national Competition “Ciutat de Carlet” in Carlet(Valencia) (2018), third price in the International Piano Competition “Ciudad de Leganés” in Leganés (2018) and third price in the International Piano Competition “María Herrero” in Granada(2018).

In 2018 she participated in the Summer Piano Programs of Hotckiss School in USA and she played in the hall Elfer´s Hall and in the wonderfull hall Carnegie Hall in New York.