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VERY IMPORTANT: Only will be accept it the applications of those particpants that will send all their documentation in just one sent. 

With application must be included the Payment Proof. No registration will be considered valid until the registration fee is received.



Actives: 490 €
Passive: 275 € 

The Active Registration includes 4 master classes of a duration of 45 minutes. Each professor will teach their 4 classes on the predetermined days. (See the teachers’ calendar).

Participants who can not complete the entire course, may attend a smaller number of days. For this, they must request it to organize their corresponding schedules of classes, study and concerts, according to the teacher’s established schedules. The amount of the course will not be affected, since the number of classes received will be the same regardless of the days the participant attends.

Students to be admitted, will be enrolled with a single teacher to receive the 4 classes included in the First Enrollment, but it is also possible to make a Second Enrollment that includes other 4 classes with the same or another teacher, as well as, receive Extra Classes always that there was an initial full enrollment.

45 minutes extra class: € 120


Passive Registration includes and allows the attendance to all the concerts of the International Music Festival and to all the lessons given by all teachers of the Masterclass.



Actives: 490 € (duo and trio)  – 550 € (quartet and quintet)
Passive: 275 € 

The registration for active students includes 4 masterclasses of 45 minutes. Each teacher will give their lessons on the predetermined days. (See the teachers’ calendar).

The students that cannot be on the course from the beginning to the end of it, they can request being there for a shorter period of time to organize their schedule for their corresponding lessons, practise and concerts according to the stablished schedule of the teacher.

This will not affect the payment because the amount of lessons given is the same (4), not depending on the amount of days that the student assists. To be accepted, the students will register with just one teacher to receive the 4 lessons included on the First Registration, but a Second Registration, with 4 extra lessons with other teacher or the same one. is also possible. Extra lessons are also possible when you have first done a complete registration.

Extra lesson of 45 minutes: 120€


The students that need a piano accompanist during the course (lessons and concerto), will have to pay an extra 120€. This payment is done the first day of the course with the left payment of the active student registration.

Datos personales / Personal information
  1. (Obligatorio)
  2. (Obligatorio)
  3. (Obligatorio)
  4. (Obligatorio)
  5. Sexo / Gender
Datos de contacto / Contact information
  1. (Obligatorio)
  2. (Obligatorio)
  3. (Obligatorio)
  4. (Obligatorio)
  5. (Obligatorio)
  6. (Obligatorio)
  7. (Necesitas un email válido)
Se matricula como alumno / Register for the course like
Concierto Piano con Orquesta / Piano Concert with orchestra
Pianista acompañante / Accompanying pianis
Profesor seleccionado / Selected teacher
Especialidad Instrumental / Instrument speciality
  1. (Obligatorio)
Día de llegada / Arrival day
  1. Quiero que la organización realice la reserva de mi alojamiento / The organization do its reserve of lodge
Documentación / Documentation
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  2. (Obligatorio)
  3. (Obligatorio)
  4. (Obligatorio)

The applications could be sent through the website in our website in the Application form botton or by e-mail to including the following data:

  • Personal Information: Name and Surname, ID card or passport, Gender, Date and Place of Birth, Nationality.
  • Complete Address: Street and number, Locality and Province, Zip Code, Telephones and e-mail.
  • Scanned Documentation:
  1. ID card, family book or passport as official document of the age of the participant.
  2. A quality photograph
  3. Curriculum Vitae.
  4. Interested students must make their reservation through a Bank Transfer (free of charge) for the amount of € 240. The rest of the application will be paid on the first day of the course. On the transfer data, ONLY WILL APPEAR THE NAME AND SURNAME OF THE STUDENT  and the word  MASTERCLASS. Please note that the number of participants is limited. Applications will be received in strict order of registration. The Registration Reserve payment is not reimbursable, except in justified cases of force majeure.

    BANKIA Bank
    Postal address: Centro Comercial El Burgo, Local 47. Postal Code : 28230
    City: Las Rozas de Madrid (España)
    Telephone: +34 91 7105018.

    MARLE 96 SL. (Organizing Company).
    I.B.A.N. ES42 2038 2482 2860 0078 7170

  5. Signed and scanned authorization from the parent or guardian for all participants under 18 years of age:

“I, Mr./Mrs. ________ with ID number ________, authorize my son/daughter to participate in the Leonel Morales & Friends International Masterclass and Music Festival, assuming any responsability that may arise from their participation”.