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6th al 12th, July of 2020

The Masterclass and Festival International of Music Leonel Morales & Friends and 14th International Piano Course for Children and Teenagers, will take place this year in a magical environment, at the Hotel Alixares facing the Alhambra of Granada.
It’s for me a great satisfaction, after these thirteen years, to confirm the amazing success of this course, where young pianists from different nationalities exchange their experiences and culture with other schools.
It is a unique course, which creation is proven to be very valuable in the formation of our future musicians from an early age.
Our students acquire experience by living in community, sharing piano during the course, spending time with other students, professional pianists and laureates of Masterclass Leonel Morales & Friends that is celebrated at the same time.
There can’t be a better example!
They will admire other pianists and surely be motivated at their daily study. Pupils learn to appreciate their own efforts and the importance of receiving excellent classes that will lead them to the possibility of being chosen by the Masters and be able to play in concerts performed every evening in different concert halls in Granada during the Piano Festival.
I can assure that all parents who will come along their children will share truly exciting moments. They will enjoy seeing how their sons and daughters will take advantage of the tuition and the advices that will help their music and will motivate them with great enthusiasm.

Sincerely Yours.
María Herrero