International Orchestra “Virtuosos de Madrid”

///International Orchestra “Virtuosos de Madrid”
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Created on the tenth anniversary of the International Piano Competition Spanish Composers, acquiring the name of Internacional Orchestra “Virtuosos de Madrid” and whose first objective was to accompany of the final round to the contestants.
We brought together some of the best musicians from the main orchestras in Madrid as the National Orchestra of Spain, the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestra and the Community of Madrid Choir. On that occasion, it was directed by maestro Enrique García Asensio, reaping a great success for the quality of his performance.
With the excellent result and great enthusiasm for this symphonic formation, we gave continuity to this orchestra, making other successful concerts under the batons of Emin Güven Yasliçam, Ovidiu Balan, Guillaume Berney, Melani Mestre, Mariusz Smolij and Marc Moncusí.