Jesús Morales

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Biographical Synthesis and Comments for the “Program Notes”

Undoubtedly the most prominent Cuban marimba player.
Coming from a family of musicians, he faces the marimba professionally at the age of six.
This unusual instrument in the concert halls has gained a high recognition in Cuba since Morales managed to place himself in the front line of the interpreters.
His virtuosity and contrapuntal interpretation make the marimba a polyphonic instrument of unimaginable scope
Jesús Morales has been in Mexico since 1992.

Soloist of the National Center of the Music of Concert of the Habana, Morales has appeared in all the rooms and the most important theaters of the Island.
Multiple concerts with the National Symphony Orchestra, invited by Master Leo Brower, Titular Director of the O. S. N. de Cuba. Concerts with the Provincial Symphony Orchestras of Matanzas, Santa Clara, Camagüey, Santiago de Cuba and the Camerata “Brindis de Salas”.

International Concerts…

Symphonic Orchestra of de Coyoacàn, Mexico.
Symphonic Orchestra of the “National Polytechnic Institute”of Mexico.
Chamber Orchestra of Mexico City.
Symphonic Orchestra of Pyong Yang, Corea.

Concerts in…

Puerto Rico, Nicaragua, Peru, Guatemala, Canada, Germany, Bulgaria,
.Russia, Libya, China, France and Italy.

In Awards and Distinctions highlights…

First Level As “Instrumentalist Musician” He awarded the Cuban Institute of Music. Oct 92
First Place “Marimbista soloista” VIII International Friendship Festival, Corea Abr 90. – First Place in the “First National Marimbistas Competition.” Category
Soloists Tuxtla Gtez Chiapas Mexico, Dec / 99.
Multiple recognitions and diplomas. Awarded in Cuba and abroad.

Activities as a Professor…

Teacher of marimba and accordion at the School of Music of the University of Sciences and Arts of Chiapas. 1992/1996. In the present he works in the Secretariat of Public Education where he directs the “Marimbas Youth Orchestra” 1997/2009
Multiple Master Classes, including the School of Fine Arts of the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. USA Apr.2009
Member of the Qualifying Jury in multiple marimba competitions in Chiapas / Mexico..